Rumours have always dogged Boris Johnson that one day he would be Prime Minister and nothing has changed. In a visit to New Zealand with Prime Minister May, Johnson has down played any rumours he could be about to replace her.

When it was pointed out to him that someone had just shouted "Boris for PM" he countered by saying another person had shouted the opposite of that. Boris said as far he was concerned could "see no need for any more political kerfuffle" in other words he and May were on a trade mission to New Zealand and that was that.

But these rumours will not go away that Johnson and others could be biding their time and know more than they are letting on.

Johnson's biggest rival for the top job would obviously be David Davis May's appointed Mr Brexit himself.

Is May staying on to see us through Brexit and has she made a pact with any potential successors she will go when this is done? Is she staying on hoping against hope that the longer she stays in post any challengers will get fed up? Will there even be a direct challenge to her as there was against Major or Thatcher again it seems unlikely right now?

Boris, when asked about infighting within Tory ranks, said everything was fine, but obviously, it is not. The Tories know they must put on a united face to the public and their political enemies but masks slip and reveal the truth.

New Zealand happy to do a trade deal

Johnson's political opposite number in New Zealand Gerry Brownlee agreed that a strong deal would be positive for both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. It is places like New Zealand that the UK will do trade deals with once we have left the European Union plus the wider world outside the Commonwealth.

Obviously, there will still be trade agreements with the EU but what form they will take and how has yet to be worked out. Before going to New, Zealand Johnson was in Japan and then flies to Australia for nine months trying to drum up business for the UK there no doubt.

It seems a deal could be on the way with the US too as Trump indicated contradicting Obama's statement about being the back of the queue.

Are we not forgetting something here though? As long we have still signed up members of the European Union none of these deals will happen until we have left the EU. In the long run that probably does not matter just as long as the trade deals happen and fast for the UK.

Johnson and Churchill

When Boris Johnson's book 'The Churchill Factor' came out it has to make you wonder whether this book was written intentionally? Johnson knows he has been compared to Winston Churchill by some and obviously being a history buff would have no complaint with the comparison.

While this book might confirm that Boris maybe another Churchill waiting his time and the moment it could also backfire. The book could be regarded as an ego trip in trying to convince the public and ultimately himself that he is another Churchill.

When May became leader many thought that the dream of Boris being Prime Minister was over. However, she called him to be Foreign Minister so, who knows: maybe Johnson will get there, one day.