US President Donald Trump gave a speech to the Boy Scouts at their annual Jamboree event in West Virginia, and it was one of the most hilarious speeches of all time. He got heavily political throughout his speech, reiterating his 2016 victories and complaining about the Republican Party’s commitment to his healthcare bill, and since he was talking to a bunch of kids, it was hysterical. As usual with Trump’s tirades, it left his supporters cheering and his detractors scratching their heads and laughing.

Some of his lines seem to have come from a comedy sketch

A lot of Trump’s lines in his speech appeared to have come from a comedy sketch or a “South Park” episode, but certainly not an actually US President speaking to young children. Ready to laugh? Okay, here are the funniest lines. For starters, he said that he thought that maybe a few of the Scouts who were there at his speech had "camped out in this yard" back when his Vice President Mike Pence was Indiana's Governor. The kids he was talking to don't care who's Governor. Trump added that even though Pence was the Governor, "the scouting was very, very important.” Oh, good. Thank God. I was worried for a second.

Trump went on to tell the following anecdote: “I’ll tell you a story that’s very interesting for me when I was young.

There was a man named William Levitt – Levittowns, you have some here, you have some in different states.” He clearly had no idea who he was talking to. He was telling a bunch of little kids in Virginia about life in New York just after the end of World War II. What’s the point?