US President Donald Trump’s Made in America Week is in full swing at the White House. He’s celebrating US-made goods and enforcing his “America First!” policy on all US businesses apart from the one he owns. See, there’s an extreme hypocrisy going on at the event, since the Trump Organisation and Ivanka Trump manufacture outside the US and they’re not going to switch to domestic any time soon.

Let’s look at all the Trump-brand products manufactured internationally

Let’s take a quick look at all the products bearing the Trump brand that are manufactured outside the US, to get an idea of the kind of hypocrisy of the US President in hosting this event and enforcing this policy.

For starters, there’s Trump Vodka (which alcohol critics have called “disappointing” with “no discernible flavour”). Launched in the US in 2006, it was manufactured in the Netherlands for its short run as the most horrible vodka on the market.

And in the clothing industry, Trump’s menswear line is manufactured in China. Funny, considering he told Fox News in 2010, “We don’t need Chinese products,” as they are, in his words, “crap.” In addition to China, he’s had dress shirts manufactured in Bangladesh, Honduras, and Vietnam. But not America. Trump University (“A fraud from beginning to end,” according to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman) encouraged students to outsource jobs overseas.

Trump wrote in 2005 that outsourcing jobs internationally is “not always a terrible thing.” Right.

Trump Home producers are, according to the Washington Post, “made in China or imported from China,” and their picture frames are made in India. The dice from the weird board game based on Trump, “Trump: The Game,” were manufactured in China. “Almost all” of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is made overseas, in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.