US President Donald Trump has given a bizarre speech to the Boy Scouts of America at their annual National Jamboree. He complained to the kids about the disloyal members of his Cabinet, who do not support his healthcare bill and have been leaking information to the media. He also thanked the kids for voting for him, even though they were all under the voting age at the last Presidential election, so he’s making the assumption that they’re Trump supporters, which some of their parents aren’t exactly in love with.

As a result, they’ve publicly condemned the speech, which they compared to a “drunk stepdad,” condemned the Boy Scouts (who have defended themselves, saying that they don’t take sides politically and were simply honouring the tradition of inviting the President of the United States to the Jamboree), and to put the final nail in the coffin, they’ve been pulling their kids out of the Scouts.

Is this not enough of a sign yet that the American public do not want Donald Trump to be their President?

‘We have a tremendous disadvantage in the Electoral College – popular vote is much easier’

Ironically, Trump bragged during his Jamboree speech (which he promised at the beginning would not be political) that he won the Electoral College in the election last year. The Electoral College doesn’t mean anything. The American public voted for Hillary Clinton, and that was even after Trump got in bed with Russia and meddled with the results. But anyway, what’s done is done.