Amongst all the confusion in the corridors of power one little rumour is growing legs and running around the House of Commons shouting; it appears that the Government is to call a halt to the austerity cuts that have been in force since George Osborne announced them in 2010.

What went wrong?

Unfortunately, we have to lay the blame for the crash on the Banks. RBS, Lloyds, etc, etc, all were irresponsible in their practices, when the bubble began to burst in 2007, the economy deflated. Within months of Osborne's, 2010' 'emergency budget,' it was quite clear that the measures did more harm than good.

Whole swathes of Whitehall were decimated, with budgets all cut for vital and non-vital services alike, the country and economy soon tumbled into recession. Numerous economists claimed that we should be spending our way out of a recession rather than cost cutting, increasing capital spending rather than the reverse. Sadly the problems we have experienced since can all be laid at the door of one individual: George Osborne. He was more interested in ego rather than ethos, if he had admitted he was wrong and increased our borrowing, we may not have had to endure the misery of the past seven years. But hey, now editor of the London Evening Standard and public speaker for big-bucks; I'm all right George?

Why change your mind?

Reasonably apparent to anyone who has a passing interest in economics; it's just not working! Theresa May's disastrous election result and the Brexit debacle has knocked the shine off the phrase,'no magic money tree, and the scare of the Labour parties, some say modest capital investment plans, pushed a faltering government into doing something, anything, rather than relying on worn out ideas from previous administrations.

Forward is, for now at least, the new reverse, and why not? With business running scared regarding what is about to happen in Europe, and certainly our own interest rates at an all-time low, now is the optimum time to try and kick start growth and positivity in not only our economy but the people of the country as a whole.

With Scotland teetering on the edge of recession because the First-Minister has been more concerned with thoughts of Independence, rather than business growth.

Northern Ireland still in a mess because no party can make a well thought out decision and find a way to restore power, while Wales is quietly getting on with it as always; we need a new start, and this is the time to do it, considering we are no further down the line of fiscal reduction than we were when this all mess started anyway...!