Thanks to Theresa May’s terrible offer for their rights in the post-Brexit world that’s less than two years away, British people who are living in Europe are worrying about their futures. Glynis Whiting, who hopes for Belgian citizenship, says that she is both “worried and angry,” understandably.

She notes that Brits living in Europe “didn’t get a vote” in the EU referendum, and therefore feel “betrayed and disappointed” that all the old white Conservatives in England have gotten to decide their fate by voting to leave and kickstarting Brexit with a very, very slim majority of the referendum vote, and now it’s in the hands of May, whose “strong and stable leadership” is completely ignoring the best interests of these people.

May’s so-called ‘generous offers’ useless, says Brit living in Belgium

John Brown, a Brit who has been residing in Belgium for 21 years now, says that “the real issues” only come to light “when you get down to the nitty-gritty.” He added, in a back-handed critique of May’s strategies, that he doesn’t believe that “any generous offers will get down to the real details.” May called her offer “generous,” but it is anything but for Brits living in Europe and vice versa. The EU’s counter-offer, on the other hand, which May has ignored, is totally fair and totally generous, so make of that what you will.