Keir Starmer, who would’ve been the Brexit secretary in the event of a Labour Party election win and a blissful Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn situation, has spoken out against Theresa May’s handling of Brexit. Starmer has called her plans “too little too late,” as they don’t guarantee the same rights to EU citizens and Brits living in European countries on the other side of the Channel as the far more fair, far more generous offer that the EU have presented.

Conservative plans fall ‘far short’ of Labour plans, Starmer says

According to Starmer, May’s Brexit plans and the deals and offers she has made thus far in the negotiation process are “falling far short” of what Labour would’ve done had the election turned out slightly differently and Labour had secured just a handful more seats to lock down the majority and prevent this Conservative/DUP soft coalition atrocity of a government we’ve landed ourselves in.

Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat leader who was recently outed (from the anti-gay closet, if you will) as being against gay rights for religious reasons, has also said that May’s plans and claims leave far too many questions without answers or real closure or certainty, which doesn’t support her promises for a “strong and stable leadership” to guide Britain through the Brexit process, but then again, it’s all just opinion.