Only a few weeks after a suicide bomber targeted innocent young girls at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, without warning tragedy struck again. On June 3rd, a white van drove into pedestrians on London Bridge, after which the three assailants scrambled out armed with knives stabbing innocent people at the prime of their lives enjoying a night out with their families and friends.

The bloodshed then further spilled over into Borough Market. As of now, we know that seven individuals have been pronounced dead and 48 were injured. Certainly, these are events that we will carry in our hearts forever.

Whether or not we have been personally affected by these tragedies, one emotion that we all cannot escape is the onslaught of anger that tends to take over.

Why and how did this happen? Should we simply accept this as our new reality? Absolutely not!

When Prime Minister Theresa May warned that we needed to have “embarrassing conversations” coupled with US President Donald Trump’s call for ending political correctness. We start to come to the realisation that perhaps we are not being honest with ourselves of truly saying something if we see it.

The absolutely tragic pattern we see forming after these disasters occur is people close to the attackers such as family, neighbours or friends start to speak out that the assailants were, in fact, exhibiting some questionable behaviour.

Nevertheless, when confronted by the question as to why they didn’t bring this to the attention of the authorities most of the reasons given were they brushed it off because they were afraid of being wrong. Being called racist or Islamophobic is an ever-present fear.

Have we succumbed to the fear of offending anyone that political correctness and avoiding embarrassing conversations has now taken a priority over safety?

Let’s not forget that by cowering in fear, whether it be by not speaking up when we know, deep down, we should, or changing our lifestyles such as avoiding going out with our families and friends.

Even though it may be a valid reaction to the fear of danger, which has now taken over our once safe streets. One inescapable fact is that by doing so we have just given a way for the terrorists to win.

Clearly, we are being targeted because our completely normal activities go against their Islamic extremist views. Stopping our activities is conforming to their views. So, let’s not be ruled by fear, and for goodness sake speak up! The anxiety of perhaps being wrong certainly does not compare to the countless lives that could be saved.

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