This morning brought news of the third recent terrorist attack to strike the UK in three months. Seven people have been confirmed dead after police responded to reports of multiple stabbings at 10:10 p.m BST last night. The area around Borough Market was packed with people enjoying a Saturday night out in the area's pubs and bars.

Attacking unarmed and innocent members of the public

Earlier on in the evening, a white van drove into pedestrians on London Bridge, following which three individuals jumped from the van as it drove further south, running further into the Southwark area, attacking "unarmed and innocent" members of the public at random, with large blades.

The total number of people injured in the atrocity is now confirmed at forty-eight.

Just eight minutes after the first 999 call had been made, all three suspects were shot dead simultaneously by counter-terror officers. The fast, effective and fearless response of the emergency services has once again been praised universally.

Around twenty individuals, described as "walking wounded" were initially being treated at a hotel close to Liverpool Street Station in the aftermath of the incident, though they have now been moved to nearby hospitals.

Man with canisters strapped to his body

At 1:40 a.m BST, the BBC released a photograph of a man with canisters strapped to his body, lying on the floor outside the Wheatsheaf pub, presided over by a counter-terror officer.

The MET have since confirmed this to be a false device worn by all three suspects, not able to be detonated and simply intended to induce further panic.

In her statement this morning, PM Theresa May said that "things need to change" and attitudes towards extremism simply "cannot carry on as they are.

There is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country."

Calling Islamic extremism "a perversion of Islam" which "cannot be defeated by military action alone" the PM moved on to the need to monitor and "deprive extremists of their safe spaces online."

'One truly United Kingdom'

Theresa May made it clear that unity was the key to mounting an attack against radicalisation, saying "British values are superior to anything offered by the preachers of hate.

We need to live not as segregated groups, but "as one truly United Kingdom - United we will take on and defeat our enemies."

Police raids have been reported to be taking place in Barking this morning, in connection with last night's atrocity.

Both Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have said that Violence can never be allowed to "disrupt the democratic process", and that their campaigns for the forthcoming election will resume tomorrow.

Those drinking in Katzenjammers Bierhall, a bar in the Borough Market area, were told to remain on the floor for around 30 minutes by police officers passing through the bar. Patrons were informed that the vicinity had been surrounded by armed police. Witnesses have told of injured members of the public coming in off of the street.

An eyewitness who spoke to the BBC News Channel said he would not be deterred by last night's horrific events from enjoying "our way of life", and that he would continue to respect people from "all backgrounds".