Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been to see the survivors and recovering victims of Wednesday's devastating fire at Grenfell Tower, a block of flats in London. The entire building was engulfed in flames, killing at least 30 people, and now other tower block residents in the city are terrified that another fire might occur in the area.

Corbyn and other MPs want quick response from ministers

Corbyn and some other MPs are demanding that ministers respond to the Grenfell Tower fire quickly, because residents of other high-rise flat buildings are so frightened and feel so unsafe that they can't get a good night's sleep.

The MPs were attending a Parliamentary meeting that had been hastily thrown together at Westminster Hall in response to the deadly fire.

Corbyn said that the residents of Grenfell Tower, who he visited in community centres across the surrounding area where they've been seeking refuge, are "very angry" about what's happened to their homes. He said that the residents had "raised concerns about this building" in the past, as had the Grenfell Action Group, and they were all ignored and now the building has been burnt to the ground. Corbyn also warned, "Every single person living in a high-rise building will be frightened, will be traumatised, and will be very, very worried."