Ex-US President Barack Obama has spoken out about his successor, current President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement, a landmark UN treaty that Obama signed during his Presidency, along with all but a couple of nations in the world, where they all agreed to work hard to reduce the effects of climate change (there were more specific terms than that, but this is a brief article).

Obama gives a rare harsh criticism of Trump’s decision

Obama, who usually saves face when talking about a man he must very passionately despise for taking the beautiful country he cultivated and ruining it almost immediately, took a rare anti-Trump stance when discussing the Paris accord.

Apparently, climate change is Obama’s breaking point. The first black President released a lengthy statement about Trump’s decision, outlining why he was wrong.

To summarise the statement, Obama first noted what a landmark the Paris accord was, since it was “the first ever global agreement” of its kind, with the intent to preserve “the world we leave to our children.” That’s a powerful choice of words. He basically said, in nicer words, that he was a better President when he signed the treaty, and Trump is a sucky President who doesn’t realise what he’s throwing away.

Obama also noted how Trump’s reasoning is because he thinks the Paris agreement is screwing the American worker, but that’s absurd. It has created many “good-paying jobs” in “growing industries like wind and solar.” He said, scarily, that instead, America “joins a small handful of nations that reject the future.”