Bernie Sanders, who illegitimately lost the Democratic nomination in last year’s Presidential election to Hillary Clinton, often speaks out against Republican President Donald Trump’s political choices, since they’re far worse than what he would’ve done had things turned out differently and much better and he’d become President.

Now that Trump has pulled out of the Paris agreement and undone another piece of his predecessor Barack Obama’s legacy and also doomed the Earth to the effects of global warming a little bit more, Sanders certainly hasn’t kept quiet about it.

He's been very open with his criticisms of this decision in the hours since it was announced.

‘An international disgrace’

Sanders has called Trump’s decision to get America out of the Paris accord “an international disgrace,” as well as “an abdication" of the democratic choosing of a ruler of the United States. A slap in the face of democracy, if you will. It shouldn't just be this man's decision. Sanders had harsh words, but also true. He also said that not only will Trump’s ignorance of climate change cause “devastating harm" across the globe; it already is, so this can only be worse. Sanders, added, poignantly, that it is not within the "moral right" of the American government to ignore what most of the rest of the world's countries are doing "to preserve this planet for future generations.” Why the hell isn’t this man President?