Veteran campaigner of 30 years

Let's face it, Jeremy Corbyn, the present Labour leader has stuck to his core principles and his beliefs for all the time he was a back bencher. Love Corbyn or hate him that cannot be said for many politicians in the spotlight now trying to convince you to elect them in the general election.

Corbyn opposed anything he did not agree with like, the Iraq War and fox hunting, that his general election opponent Theresa May has said she would not mind being re-instated.

Corbyn has been regarded as an extreme left winger along with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, saying at one time they would win power through the picket line, not through the ballot box.

Let's face it, Jeremy Corbyn has a past but then so do many politicians presently out to get your vote. Even Winston Churchill, the great war leader that he was, said and did many things that today some would take as fascistic.

I am not defending Jeremy Corbyn here or any other politician; I'm just saying all of us before we cast the first stone should get our own house in order before judging others.

Corbyn misunderstood

It is believed that during the 1990s MI5 and the Metropolitan Police held files on Corbyn as he was regarded as a threat to National Security.

Corbyn apparently shared a stage with a known IRA killer and it is well known that he supported a united Ireland; one of the long term goals of the IRA as it is now with Republicans.

Corbyn has responded to this by saying the security forces held files on many people not just those on the left but some on the right too.

A spokesman for Corbyn has said Corbyn supported a united Ireland to bring peace and Met Republican and Unionist groups. The same as meeting Palestinian groups Corbyn has been labeled anti - Semitic for his condemnation of how Israel treats the Palestinians but just because someone speaks out against people like Netanyahu that does not make them necessarily Adolf Hitler.

Corbyn's wilderness Years

The fact that Jeremy Corbyn was on the back benches speaking out against things he opposed or when he was attending CND rallies and addressing crowds this, may explain his present general election strategy. Yes, Corbyn appears with rent a crowd behind him holding up Labour banners, but unlike May, he has a core support of followers young, old and those with different political/religious beliefs.

It is those who are always attending where he appears.

These groups like Momentum and Christians on the Left are his stormtroopers if you like; those who believe what Monsieur Zen believes. However, Corbyn is hoping his 'what you see is what you get' rallies for this general election will cut through to the general public and win new supporters to propel him into 10 Downing Street.

Negotiation skills could come into their own for Corbyn

With Corbyn talking to ordinary people on the street or talking to all sides in a conflict during his wilderness years before being Labour leader, these skills may be an asset.

If he were elected our next Prime Minister we know things would be different to the present incumbent and in some ways, it would be a revolution in politics.

Hopefully, the revolution would be for all those Corbyn has promised to lift up and help those who Cameron and May have left behind.

So Corbyn's skill of talking to people whether it be President Assad, Putin or indeed Trump or Kim Jong-un may be what we need in a world where the first thing in a crisis is to use force.