This morning, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech, which has been happening a lot recently as he’s campaigning for the party to win the upcoming general election, which will be taking place on 8 June, so it’s close, and today’s topic seems to be foreign policy.

Corbyn wants to shake things up

Corbyn wants to start doing things differently. He’s already said he’ll reject NATO’s request to send more British troops into Afghanistan and this morning, he pledged he won’t be talking to ISIS and will be leaving it up to the Geneva process to sort out.

He said in his speech today that the world has become “a more dangerous place” thanks to “regime change wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria,” and “western interventions in Afghanistan, Somalia, and Yemen,” which, as he sees it, have all “failed in their own terms.”

Corbyn also noted how this will be “the fourth general election in a row” where Britain is currently fighting in the Middle East, but he says that “the war on terror” has “failed.” Rather than “increase our security at home,” it has instead done “just the opposite,” he says. So, according to Corbyn, “We need to step back and have some fresh thinking,” and that’s what his Labour government is going to do.