Remember when Barack Obama was President and climate change negotiations ran smoothly for eight years because he has the good sense to look at scientific evidence and believe it? His Presidency has been bookended by conservative morons who think global warming is a hoax. First it was George W. Bush frustrated the other G7 (back then G8, before Russia got the boot) leaders by doubting the realities of global warming, and now it is Donald Trump.

Republicans refuse to accept the science of climate change

There’s irrefutable scientific proof that climate change exists if the Republicans bothered to actually look it up, but Bush and Trump and the rest of them still refuse to believe it exists.

Go outside! It feels hotter, right? Go outside your country clubs and go onto the golf course – does it not feel warmer? Hmm, I wonder why that is.

And some Republicans are ignorant because hey, people like it a little warmer, don’t they? Well, the polar bears who live on ice that is rapidly melting don’t! And it’s not even like these Republicans and a couple of others from the six other countries are the sceptical ones. It’s just the Republicans. The other six countries have always been unanimous in grasping the seriousness of climate change and committing to the Paris agreement. And despite their best efforts to get Trump on their side, he remained staunchly in the Bush mentality until 3 o’clock in the morning, when they finally gave up and decided to call it a day.