US President Donald Trump has been pushing back leaders from Europe, Canada, and Japan as they’ve been pressuring him to openly support and adhere to the Paris agreement, which was a landmark UN deal to reduce climate change signed by Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama in Paris (hence the name) in 2015.

But Trump’s been downplaying America’s commitment to the agreement, since he believes climate change is a hoax, as do most Republicans, despite irrefutable scientific proof. This was the President’s first ever international trip whilst in office, and it was in honour of his first ever G7 summit, where a handful of diplomatic world leaders get together for a chat, this time in Italy.

Angela Merkel frustrated with Trump’s stubbornness

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany who’s had a multitude of troubles with Trump in the past regarding the refugee crisis and other problems, was left frustrated, as were a lot of the other G7 leaders, by climate change discussions with brick wall Trump. Merkel said that such conversations with Trump were “very difficult” and “very unsatisfactory.”

Merkel said that the summit was basically “a situation of six against one,” with every single other world leader at the summit disagreeing with Trump, and she said that “there is still no sign of whether the US will remain in the Paris accord or not.” The other six all communicated to the outside world following the summit that they were dedicated to the Paris agreement and had a strong willingness to eradicate global warming.

Trump didn’t quite do that. Instead, he tweeted from Sicily on Saturday morning (the final day of his first international venture as President of the United States) that he will be making his “final decision on the Paris accord” no sooner than “next week!” So, in the meantime, we just kind of have to watch this space.

The US has the second most carbon emissions in the world

Trump was repeatedly told by the other world leaders that the United States is the country with the second most carbon emissions in the world, and that he would have to start taking climate change seriously and show some leadership and implement the Paris plan. But, alas, he ignored them all.

According to French President Emmanuel Macron, climate change progress has been made at the G7 summit, but not from Trump, who Macron apparently told not adhering to the Paris agreement would be a huge mistake that would relinquish ground to China. But, again, did Trump listen? Nope. Macron also stressed the importance of the US in particular sticking to the Paris accord, saying that it is “essential for international equilibrium and the reputation of America.” He said that discussions at the G7 summit showed him that climate change issues are “not side issues that can be left to others.”

Also, strangely, Macron praised Trump as “a good listener, a pragmatic guy, and open to debate,” which are three things he’s never shown to us, so we’ll just have to take Macron’s word on it.

He refused to speculate about what Trump’s “final decision” might be when he makes it next week as pledged.

Canadian Prime Minister didn’t name Trump as irresponsible one

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, refused to call out Trump as the one who was ruining everything, despite the fact he’s the only one not taking climate change seriously. So, when Trudeau said he wasn’t going to name any specific country and then added, “You cannot build a strong economic future unless you are protective and mindful of the climate,” it was pretty obvious he was referring to Trump. But this is serious stuff. It’s not just the seven G7 nations who committed to the Paris deal – it’s 195 countries! And they’ll all be pretty mad at Trump if he sours on the commitment.

At the very least, Trump will be toning down Obama’s promises. Obama promised he would reduce greenhouse gas emissions in America by 26-28% below the 2005 measurements by 2025. Trump will not be doing that. If he even sticks to the Paris agreement at all, it won’t be the same Paris agreement that Obama signed. It’ll be an alternative facts Paris agreement.