Trump: his Presidency so far

President Donald John trump has now been in the White House for 100 days or more and he is equally loved and loathed now as when he was on the campaign trail.

It seems he still intends to build that wall to stop Mexicans and other undesirables from entering the country as he sees it. His plan to ban Muslims from certain countries seems to have gone quiet for the moment but it seems at least he has achieved one goal; that of overturning Obamacare for what some call Trumpcare.

Despite saying "America first" it seems in his attacking Syria, bombing IS in Afghanistan and confronting Kim Jong-un he is being anything but isolationist at the moment.

He has come round to the idea of NATO as long as they pay more into the defence kitty and despite alleged connections to the Russians, it seems his administration is willing to confront Putin when the need arises.

Trump will run again

If President Trump survives his first four years in the white house and does not die on the job or get impeached or leave through illness, he will run again for the top job. It was said some time ago he has already started planning and preparing for the 2020 Presidential election.

Trump does occasionally give interviews to the press, however his relationship with much of the media remains toxic. Instead of announcing to the press he would be prepared to run for four more years he announced it where he most feels comfortable to his adoring followers.

He loves nothing more than to stand at the podium giving out speeches which his followers clap and whoop given every opportunity. Trump's followers seem in the main to be European - Americans, fed up of Obama and everything he brought to the White House for eight years, but saying that Trump attracts support from all of America's communities.

Trump's daughter Ivanka seems to be playing a leading role as an advisor to her father and has traveled abroad on his behalf many times. Could she at some future point seek political office herself? Well she is young and time is on her side, so who knows?

Dwayne Johnson v Donald Trump: Who knew?

Dwayne Johnson or the 'Rock' as he is known from his wrestling days has had so far quite a colourful career from wrestling to acting and producing.

Today Johnson stands as the world's most highly paid actor where he can be seen in a new version of 'Baywatch' and it seems he has taken on the mantle of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone as the all action hero.

The idea of Johnson running for political office perhaps would have seemed absurd a few years ago but not apparently now. Johnson said he was reading an article about politics which made him think of running for the Presidency and he has been encouraged in this by his fans.

He has stated were he President now he would sit down and talk out differences with his political opponents and no one would be shut out. He stated that he has much respect for the office of President and thus would not wish to rush into politics.

Johnson has also made his views clear about Trump saying the current President should show more leadership and said he did not wish to reveal his kind of politics right at this moment.