North Korea have tested another missile in their dictator Kim Jong-un’s attempt to create one that could reach a major US city, because he can’t just fly over and drop because he’d be shot down instantly so he’s been getting creative, but so far, no luck. The Military forces of South Korea, Kim’s very own Ned Flanders, announced that the missile test happened in South Pyeongan Province in the Bukchang area early this morning.

Speaking to Reuters, a source within the US government said that from what they could tell from their intelligence (which is pretty good intelligence), the test was not a success.

According to the US Pacific Command, who are stationed in North Korean waters after US President Donald Trump sent them there, the missile launch was confined purely between the borders of North Korea. But that’s not the point. The point is, Kim was told to stop testing missiles, not to stop testing missiles outside North Korea. Anyway, Commander Dave Benham of the US Pacific Command made a statement about the launch.

The launch took place at ’10:33am Hawaii time,’ says Benham

Commander Benham said that his guys “detected what we assess was a North Korean missile launch at 10:33am Hawaii time,” and that it took place “near the Pukchang airfield.” He also confirmed that the weapon launched “did not leave North Korean territory.” So, there you have it.