UKIP: Still relevant

I think it is fair to say that UKIP will probably struggle in this election without charismatic Nigel Farage. Farage seemed like the approachable friend down the pub who you could talk to about anything or he would help you where he could. With his pint and cigar, he seemed extremely down to earth and a man of the people though, in reality, Farage was anything but working class. Coming from a comfortable middle-class background never the less what he said and did connect with ordinary people.

It has to be asked why then did he never gain a seat in parliament and that will always be the question if the people loved him so much.

Farage in this general election is not standing but will be on hand to help out the party in its hour of need and new leader Paul Nuttall.

Nuttall has let's face it one of hell a mountain to climb if polls are to be believed and many who voted for UKIP seem apathetic this time around.

Nigel Farage former leader of UKIP a hard act to follow

Paul Nuttall is going to have his work cut out for him as it seems Nuttall does not possess that charismatic personality that Farage has. Paul Nuttall like Farage before him stood in a recent by-election but failed to gain the seat and become an MP despite still being again like his former boss Farage an MEP.

Paul Nuttall has announced his candidacy to stand in this general election but which seat is not yet known.

It is likely any new leader would struggle to connect with the voting public after filling Farage's shoes so it seems UKIP and their supporters will have to give time to Paul Nuttall to bed down and develop his own mark as a Leader Of Ukip.

If you forget about Farage being the leader for a moment and listen to UKIP's new leader speaking about the same bread and butter issues on their local election advert they are still the same party.

Yes, the one issue that defined them as a party for many is Brexit but there is more to UKIP than solely Brexit

Issues like cutting the foreign aid budget and housing for local people also immigration the so-called one policy party has many other policies.

UKIP: Possibly one shot to get it right

If UKIP can do well in the local and general elections and even get one or two MP's including Paul Nuttall elected there is hope.

If UKIP can keep bang on message about their other policies as well as Brexit and there is a listening audience to hear them there is all to play for.

Theresa May may have stolen some of UKIP's clothes with a hard Brexit and some other issues but if UKIP can come through both the local and general election with respectable results there is a future for them.