The Trump-Russia scandal has widespread implications and is threatening to hit the UK. Michael Flynn resigned after just 24 days in the job when it was revealed he has ties to Russian ambassadors and held meetings during the election; he failed to notify Trump or Pence of this. But the scandal could force fresh concerns over potential Russian interference in Britain.

The ties have dragged cambridge university Intelligence group, whose member include a female Russian student, whom had met Mr Flynn.

Cambridge University

Flynn has demanded immunity to testify over Russian links but now it has been revealed this could have widespread implications globally as it hits Britain.

The issue takes place when he visited Cambridge University in 2014, when he was the director of a US intelligence service, Defense Intelligence Agency.

During his visit, he struck a friendship with a Russian banker, who was now an academic. He sought to make her his translator during an official visit to Moscow. He then continued unclassified correspondence by email, with the occasional sign of “General Misha”, the Russian nickname for Michael. UK MPs have demanded an investigation in potential interference in Britain by Russia.