Following the unsuccessful testing of a weapon by North Korea, The World is waiting with bated breath on the Easter holiday to see what President Trump's next move will be. There was great fear in most people that there was going to in fact be a war breaking out over the holiday weekend and worrying if this was going to usher in the beginnings of World War III. Considering there has been a significant evacuation effort by North Korea in their capital city as well as an evacuation effort on the part of Japan for citizens in South Korea. China has sat at the ready as well with over 125,000 troops mobilized on their border with Northern Korea and another 25,000 troops getting ready to be deployed to the region.

The worry mounts and grows for the world

There has been great anxiety wondering what the next move by the Trump administration will be considering that the dogma and the principle of the regime has been none so far. Trump has turned from previous statements to not be involved in international matters and has shifted positions on NATO and many other issues prompting some supporters to question their votes. The White House has announced a more centrist approach to politics and has focused on trying to unify the nation. One thing that has continued to surprise the public is Trump's change from an isolationist perspective to one of involvement in Syria and Afghanistan.

What will next move be?

No one knows what to expect with the upcoming weeks.

There have been many discussions that there are already deployments happening on the ground in some parts of South Korea. The presence of tomahawk weapons has been reported to outlets such as NBC and other news organizations. The Trump administration has been clear that they have no intention of reporting what they intend to do before striking.

Trump's doctrine in that respect has been proven true by the missions against Syria and Afghanistan that have so far been undertaken in the past few weeks. Trump has also had a very clear change in strategy focusing on listening to the words of his generals and allowing the military to take an active role in the events that happen in his administration.

Trump has actively turned away from the policies of the Obama administration which centered around diplomacy and sanctions.

The world now sits and waits to see what the response will be from the Trump administration as it is not clear if there will be a military response or if there is going to be a more diplomatic approach with the assistance of China. China has already shown its disapproval for the actions of North Korea by suspending their buying of North Korean coal and for the first time taking shipments from the USA.