The world is changing in a bold way and the march of Technology advancement continues at a clip of 100 years per calendar year. Where will that take humanity in 20 years? It is very hard to say exactly what that will mean.... will it be a cottage on Mars, instant travel, and cyborgs handling most of the work? It is hard to know the exact details of a timeline that far in advance, however, here are the top 3 most strategic changes that will affect the way that we live daily.

3. Artificial Intelligence: It is predicted that by 2036 around 40% of the workforce will be made up of A.I.

robots also known as androids. These androids will be working in areas like customer service, assembly, and other roles that are slightly repetitive and do not require constant innovation. Androids are already at work in Japan staffing hotels, airlines, and restaurants. The lifelike quality of these androids is improving at a rate that continues to astound and redefine the way the way the world thinks of AI. The robots are so human like in appearance it is thought that they will be almost indistinguishable from interacting with people in the next 5 years. The design is meant to be flawless and seamless and lead the person who is interacting with them to not realise the difference.

2. Human Cloning: Right now, it is very clear that the world of science is at a precipice of epic proportions.

Cloning is possible for pets currently from a little DNA. Avid pet owners are paying thousands of dollars to bring back their deceased pet and know that it is possible for them to have an exact copy of everything that was so loved about the pet. Scientists now are aware that cloning is a technology that is going to be available for people and for human body parts in the next 10 years.

There have already been parts that have been designed and grown on other animals which will be available soon for transplantation.

1. The Internet of Things: Nothing is going to be a redundant device anymore. What that means is that there will be a constant connection to the internet in every device that is picked up. Just imagine a self-aware and self-actualising phone.

The next twenty years will be a bold look into a world that was only science fiction even ten years ago, just imagine the next thirty years.