Chinese President Xi Jinping has visited Mar-a-Lago to talk shop with billionaire US President Donald Trump at his resort. Trump said that he and Xi have “developed a friendship” that will lead to “a very, very great relationship” with China, to which Xi politely clapped. However, one expert has spoken out to the contrary of this “friendship.”

Anti-Trump University of Sydney academic made the claims

Ashley Townshend, a University of Sydney academic who recently wrote an exposing report about Trump’s plans for Asian territories, says the US President is not quite as friendly with China as he publicly claims to be.

“The Trump administration is deeply distrustful of China,” she says.

Townshend claims that Trump and his White House see China as “a strategic competitor" that requires input from the US under the guise of a "friendship," but it's really a backhanded attempt to influence a superpower that could be greater than theirs, ensuring that America comes out on top either way. She also says that Trump’s team believe that China is “taking advantage of the United States,” adding that these beliefs “run deep in the administration” among senior White House officials. These are bold claims, but not unbelievable.

The internet rules China as well apparently

According to China's people of the internet, Xi has gotten more out of the summit at Mar-a-Lago than Trump has (which isn't surprising, considering Trump says he's gotten "absolutely nothing" out of it), because apparently the Internet users carry the most weight in a Communist nation as well as in our western democracies. One user of Weibo (which is kind of China's version of Twitter) posted that he could see Trump's "lips quivering" as he awaited Xi's arrival, showing how "nervous" he was for the summit.