Two EU institutions which will decide on the conditions of release of the UK from the EU announced the first draft negotiating directives. It is visible from those drafts that the British will not be allowed to negotiate.

Negotiating directives

They show that the British will not be allowed to negotiate the favorable future partnership with the EU before they commit to paying all the bills - and it's about the amount that reportedly reaches 60 billion - resulting from the commitments made when they were full members of the EU. On behalf of the European Council, the first draft negotiating positions were sent by a President of the Council Donald Tusk.

The European Parliament, which co-decides on the conditions of Brexit, meaning that any outcome of the negotiations can be blocked by the "veto," leaked the first draft resolution, which should warn the British that the EP will not allow them to enjoy "similar benefits as they had as EU members," after leaving it.

Brits are hoping that in these negotiations they can simultaneously negotiate the conditions of the release (including the payment of earlier commitments, for which the British negotiator David Davis does not believe it can be as high as 60 billion euros) and the future relationship of Great Britain as a non-with the rest of the EU. However, the European Council President Donald Tusk yesterday signaled that the British can not get what they want.

Only when the negotiations reach sufficient progress on the withdrawal, then and only then we can discuss the framework for future relations -Tusk said yesterday.

The priorities of the EU in negotiations with Britain

The priority is to ensure that EU citizens who live, work or study in the UK will not be discriminated against, and to avoid a legal vacuum for the company because EU laws will not apply in the UK.

Also, the United Kingdom must pay all financial obligations to which they committed while they were full members of the European Union and must find a solution to avoid raising the claim boundaries between Northern Ireland (UK) and Ireland.

"Those who celebrate Brexit do not know what awaits them." - said Manfred Weber, the head of the group European People's Party (EPP) in Europarliament.

He believes that this is a historical error for Britain, and hopes that Theresa May does not use Britain's unease after Brexit as a political weapon. The EU has on many occasions, he added, made concessions to the British, but now that is over.