Demonstrators hit the streets in Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Newark, Jacksonville Florida and Boston on Friday in the wake of U.S. bombing of a Syrian airfield. On Thursday, president Trump ordered airstrikes in the aftermath of the Assad regime’s alleged use of chemical weapons on its citizens.

Peaceful demonstration turns violent

In Jacksonville Florida, some 200 people who were protesting the military action on Syria clashed with demonstrators who were in support of Donald Trump. The demonstrations turned “riotous” as opposing sides physically attacked one another.

Six arrests were made according to the sheriff's office and one of the six was hospitalized. The protest started peacefully but escalated as fights broke out between opposing sides. Officers claim that in the process of controlling the disturbance, they were kicked and punched.

Emergency protests

Other cities in the US also held demonstrations against the US military strikes on Syria. Protestors in New York City met in front of Trump tower and Union Square and gathered outside Trump Tower in in Chicago. Detroit and downtown Philadelphia also held protests. The demonstrations are billed as “emergency” protests. Many of the protests were reportedly organized mainly on Social Media by anti-war and anti- racism activists that believe the U.S.

government acted on unsubstantiated reports that the Syrian Government carried out chemical weapons attacks on their people.

Yes to refugees no to war

President Trump had ordered the launch of 59 missiles on a Syrian airbase on Thursday in response to the use of chemical weapons on civilians. And while the action was generally applauded by both sides of the house, US citizens took to the streets on Friday denouncing the action.

An NBC report states that activists were holding signs that read “Yes to the refugees, no to the U.S. wars that create them,” “Bombing Syria doesn’t protect people, it kills them."

Rally at the Courthouse

On Saturday, about 200 supporters of the activists arrested on Friday in Florida gathered in front of the Duval County Courthouse.

They demanded that those arrested be released and chanted “Free the Hemming Park 5, and "Drop the Charges” Members of the Jacksonville Progressive Coalition, friends and family called for an investigation into what they felt was an excessive use of force by the Jacksonville Sheriff's department.