I am writing an article here which many would believe to be controversial, antagonistic and possibly inappropriate. But I will persist anyway. I want to write about Israel, the perception of apartheid and Palestine.

Fighting the apartheid claim

There are many who claim that Israel is like apartheid South Africa, but I just do not understand why. I think the claim is made due to the wall that was built to provide security from the West Bank. But let us be very clear, Palestinian people are allowed in Israel; they just have to go to through the check point.

In addition to this, there are many Palestinians living in Israel; they are just known as Israeli Arabs. It is important to note that, as stated on BBC, about one fifth of Israel's population (around 1.45 million people) are of "Palestinian Arab descent". Further on from this, Arab citizens do enjoy equal rights; they have the freedom to pray, to assemble, to work and to generally live, like any other citizen. It is clear that Israel is no apartheid state.


Moving on, I would like to discuss the issue of Palestine. As we all know, before 1948 what was Israel was Palestine. But now there is only the occupied territories. Now, whilst many criticise Israel for this occupation, it is important to note that this is not the first time that the Palestinian people have been subjected to outside rule.

Before Israel controlled the occupied territories it was Jordan who was in control. And before there was Israel, it was the British who controlled Palestine and before them the Turks.

I mention this so that people understand the truth and fight the misconception. That is all.