President Donald Trump has jettisoned a twenty-year-old US commitment to the establishment of a Palestinian state, showing an alarming lack of understanding of Middle Eastern politics in the process. During a Press Conference with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump didn't dismiss a two-state solution but stated that he had no preference over the geography of the region.

'I have no preference over the solution'

Trump said: 'We're looking at either a two-state solution or a one-state solution. I have no preference. I like the solution that both parties like.

We will encourage peace in the region. We will be working diligently with Israel and Palestine. However, it is the parties that must arrive at a settlement. I'm happy if they are happy'.

Trump continued, chastising Palestinians for teaching their children to “hate” Israel from a young age. However, Trump didn't commit to moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem-a long term demand of right-leaning parties in both the US and Israel.

'Abandoning the two-state solution would be a disaster'

The flippant abandonment of US commitments to the two-state solution caught Palestine by surprise. Saeb Erekat, a senior Palestinian negotiator, said undermining the long-term strategy would come with severe consequences.

Erekat said: 'Those people that believe that we can abandon the two-state solution and replace it with one state and two systems have a severe lack of understanding of Middle Eastern politics. It is impossible. I firmly believe that undermining the two-state solution would be a disaster. It would be a tragedy for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Benjamin Netanyahu is currently facing a corruption investigation in Israel. On Wednesday, Netanyahu was able to bask in the overwhelming praise of President Donald Trump, who promised a 'lot of love' between Israel and the United States- a world away from the fractured relationship Netanyahu shared with Barack Obama.

Similarly, Donald Trump faces pressure from the media. Over the past week, leaked documents have alleged that Donald Trump's campaign team was in regular contact with Russian intelligence agencies.