President Donald Trump is keen to make America great again. But he doesn’t seem to mind doing that at the cost of the environment. He sees the Paris agreement as a bit of an inconvenience to the workers in the struggling coal industry, so he’d rather make their lives a little bit easier than make the state of the planet a lot worse.

Greenhouse gas emissions will not be cut down

This is partly because he and his party do not accept the science that blames humankind for global warming. In fact, Trump thinks global warming itself is just a “hoax.” So, Trump is now undermining the US commitment to the Paris agreement, which was signed by the UN just last year.

Under the Paris agreement, Obama’s America pledged to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases by a figure in the realm of 26% to 28% by the year 2025, the percentages being that much below 2005’s statistics, not the day the agreement was signed (strangely).

However, Trump is slyly backing away and downplaying America’s commitment to the agreement, suggesting those emissions won’t be lowered by 2025. This was seen as the strongest action taken by a US President against climate change at the time Obama signed it, but it’s useless now that Trump’s getting cold feet about it.