US President Donald Trump is gunning against his predecessor Barack Obama’s legacy once again. It begs the question whether he’s just doing it to spite Obama at this point, it’s getting a tad excessive to just be a coincidence. Anyway, this time he’s undermining everything Obama did on the climate change issue during his second term by downplaying the United States’ commitment to the Paris agreement.

Republicans have had a hard time accepting climate change

GOP politicians have always struggled to accept the science behind global warming. They simply deny it and call it a big conspiracy, despite science.

A senior White House official was asked if Trump accepts the science and he said, “Sure, yeah, I guess.” But this contradicts what Trump has said in the past, and it doesn’t even sound very certain at all. He added that Trump “understands the disagreement over the policy response” (or so he thinks; he wasn’t very clear on that either), and he promised that “you’ll see that...tomorrow” as Trump’s white house is “taking a different path” with climate change than previous Presidential administrations have.

Trump is going to do his favourite thing ever and sign an executive order (basically a “Do as I command you” kind of document) that will indefinitely block, put under reconsideration, or otherwise hinder all of Obama’s climate change measures.

So, all of his hard work against global warming (as it used to be referred to in the Bush era) will be tossed out the window into the fray. His plan for clean power that would cut back on emissions of greenhouse gases at power plants powered by burning coal will be put under review by Trump’s White House and probably destroyed like every other scrap of the old liberal government.

Trump says global warming is a ‘hoax’

In the past, Trump has referred to global warming/climate change as a “hoax.” He’s spoken out against the power plant clear power plan (that’s a mouthful) and also spoken critically of Obama’s other plans, since they place a hindrance on what he claims to be his number one priority (the priority that got him the majority vote): the average, everyday working American, the labourers, especially in the dwindling coal industry of the United States.

These people are a valuable asset. Sure, Hillary had the high society liberal Hamptons cocktail party attendees’ votes secured, but Trump cornered the workers and told them he’d fight for their rights and listen to their plight, and look who’s President of the United States now. Is it Hillary? Don’t think so.

Trump is actually one of the high society cocktail partygoers, by the way, but he managed to convince the workers he was just an average joe, “just like them,” thus manipulating them into voting him into office so he could ban Muslims from the country and destroy Obama’s legacy and get caught in all his lies that no one can do anything about because he’s the President and they chose him.

He’s been found in another lie today because his staffer says he understands and accepts the science behind climate change whereas he once said it was just a big conspiracy. So, which is it?

Trump will sign more than one executive order

The unnamed White House official said that the effects of Trump’s executive orders would not be immediate. At least he’s learning some lessons from his mistakes, if not all of them, since immediate effect is one of the many, many reasons his Muslim travel ban failed. However, he is certain of one thing: “there’ll be litigation.” He offered a pretty loose timeframe of “three years, two years or one year,” but does know that it is “going to take some time.”