Republicans, and certainly the alt-right movement of President Donald Trump’s supporters, have always had a tough time coming to terms with climate change and how humankind is responsible for it, despite the fact there is irrefutable scientific evidence, ever since the Presidency of George W. Bush when it first came about and became a thing, helped along by Bush’s main rival, Al Gore.

Does Trump accept global warming? White House official says, ‘I guess’

When a senior White House official was asked if Trump buys into this undeniable scientific proof, he replied, “Sure, yeah, I guess.” He sounds real sure, doesn’t he?

He went on to say that he believes Trump “understands the disagreement over the policy response” and he promised that “you’ll see that...tomorrow” as the Trump administration is “taking a different path.”

The different path thing echoes Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s “new approach” to North Korea (which is actually just the old approach given a pretty makeover), and the fact that this senior official doesn’t say anything definitive and instead just goes with “I think so” or “as far as I know” type sentiments echoes everyone in Trump’s White House, particularly post-truth, alternative facts-toting Press Secretary Sean Spicer.