Theresa May: Who wanted to remain in the EU now saying goodbye

With the 60th anniversary of The Treaty of Rome coming up Theresa May will be one of the leaders not attending. One wonders if ever as a remainder she ever thinks how did we arrive at the UK leaving the EU. On the other hand, she must bow her head and carry out the democratic will of the British people who voted to leave.

Who can forget June 23, 2016, when David Dimbleby announced "Well we're out" in the early hours of the morning. So it dawned that 53% of the British populace had voted to leave as opposed to 48% who voted to remain.

For all the protestations and delays of Gina Miller and the Lib Dem's Tim Farron like it or not, the UK is leaving the European Union.

Article 50: The road to leaving the EU

Pundits guessed correctly that March would be the month that article 50 would be enacted and so it has proved to be. March 29th is the time Article 50 will be kicked off in our formal negotiations to leave the EU.

The negotiation process will take, it is reckoned, up to two years with the UK then all being well leaving the European Union for good.

The EU: its response

Donald Tusk briskly Tweeted that the European Union was preparing a draft paper in response to the UK scheduling March 29 for leave negotiations. It seemed at the time the EU could not believe that the UK was leaving but now it seems the EU is ready to talk Brexit.

The Germans were sad we were leaving and the French were angry but the UK and the EU have their negotiating teams in place.

The future: UK and EU

David Davis was correct to say that the UK leaving the EU is of historic proportions. The fact we are leaving whichever way you voted is going to change the course of the UK probably forever.

The UK is still a member of the EU even as we negotiate our passage out of it. The negotiations may go smoothly, on the other hand, there may be some hard bargaining ahead.

What will trade between us and the EU look like in the future as it seems a hard Brexit is on the horizon? What about the future of UK citizens living in the EU and EU migrants here? What will happen to them?

Right now all we can say is that with March 29th looming the only certainty is the uncertainty.