The airline company EasyJet announced recently that it will apply a ban on laptops and tablets on its flights, as reported in the BBC. Whilst it initially applies only to flights from Turkey and Egypt to the United Kingdom, it is a measure that is being followed throughout the aviation industry.

Why is such a measure being introduced?

The main reason is because of the threat posed by terrorist attacks. The United States (US) introduced a similar move, because recent intelligence showed that terrorists are "aggressively pursuing innovative measures" to carry out attacks using electronic devices, as reported in the Telegraph newspaper.

My thoughts

In moving on, the second question to ask is, do I agree with the measure? Whilst it may be an inconvenience and may cause problems ahead, the safety and security of those on board a flight is the priority. And why take the risk? If there is intelligence stating that attacks may occur through the use of laptops for instance, we must do all that we can, as a global community, to act to prevent such attacks from happening.

Saving lives is the most important thing and we must act in a way to ensure that lives are therefore saved.