The two candidates in the French election "traded barbs" in the presidential debate, as reported in the BBC. But the most contentious issue was with regards to the use of 'burkini' swimsuits worn by some Muslim Women. Where Ms. Le Pen (a critic of burkini's) said that "multiculturalism must end", Mr. Macron (a sympathiser of the burkini wear) said that Le Pen, through her comments and actions, was making the Muslims who do live in France "into enemies of the Republic", as reported on Aljazeera.

My stance

Where do I stand? I am a liberal, and I firmly believe that if somebody is not causing harm to others, they should be free to act as they wish.

And this is what I just do not understand. What harm are the Muslim women who choose to wear a burkini doing to society? To others? And the answer is nothing. How can we champion the freedom to express one's self if we are stopping those who wish to be observant in their particular religion? How can we as a global society function when we are acting in such a way?


I have no problem in what people choose to wear and why should I? Do as you wish, if you are not causing harm to others. And the simple truth is, they are not causing any harm at all.