I wrote an article last week about the desire from those in Scotland for there to be a second referendum regarding independence from the UK. It was, however, rejected by the UK Prime Minister Theresa May. However, this has not detered those from north of the border.

The desire

This was illustrated by the actions of those in the Scottish Parliament. As reported on Sky News, MSP's have "backed" Nicola Sturgeon's calls for a second referendum. The Scottish Parliament voted 69 to 59 in favour of the plans by Sturgeon to "seek permission" from the Uk Government for a vote.

The opposition

Whilst there may be concern from London, I support the measure. Although Theresa May, as reported in the Guardian, stated that "now is not the time" with Brexit looming, why should they be denied a second vote? It is there country, they should have more control over it and attain the independence that they all crave.

Whether there actually will be is another matter. I do not think it will happen at least until Brexit is further down the line, which although unfair, is the political reality that we face right now.