Ruth Davidson has attacked Nicola Sturgeon for lacking a clear vision of independence for Scotland.

Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show this morning, the Scottish Conservatives' leader said the First Minister has failed to specify what an independent Scotland would look like.

She added: 'Now is not the time for a second referendum. No one knows what Brexit is going to look like yet and we certainly do not know what independence is going to look like either.'

Her comments come in response to Sturgeon's speech to the SNP Conference this weekend where she said that she is open to discussion with Prime Minister Theresa May over a future date for an independence referendum.

However, a recent poll conducted by YouGov/The Times has given an 11% lead to those who want Scotland to remain a part of the United Kingdom.

The No side gained 48% of support in the polls and the Yes side secured 37%.

'What is the problem?'

The BBC presenter reminded her that she once said denying Scots a second vote will not play well.

He asked her what the problem is with holding another referendum.

Davidson said a lot of powers will be devolved from Brussels to Holyrood, but the Scottish nationalist would then give those powers back to the EU if Scotland rejoined the superbloc.

She added: 'Sturgeon has failed to answer basic questions about which currency Scotland would use if it became an independent country and whether or not we would have a central bank.'

'The First Minister has failed to commit to that.

The Scottish people have not provided their public consent for independence.

'The SNP is not Scotland. Recent opinion polls have suggested there is no support for independence. Many Scots are thankful to the Prime Minister that she is blocking the SNP's demands for a second vote.'

However, the BBC journalist reminded her the SNP was elected on a manifesto promise to hold a second vote.

He added: 'Surely it is a good thing she is sticking by her manifesto promise, unlike many other politicians?'

'Deafening silence'

But the Conservative said the Scottish nationalist said last year if there is not enough support for a vote, she will not hold one.

The Sunday presenter accused the Prime Minister of a 'deafening silence' over the SNP's Brexit demands.

The Tory said May included 4 points the SNP leader demanded in the Brexit negotiations.

She added: 'If the Prime Minister wrapped up a pony in a big bow and gave it to Sturgeon, it would still not be good enough.'

'She may not wish to acknowledge that. The SNP is hellbent on independence. Brexit is this week's excuse. They have failed to confirm whether or not Scotland will automatically become a member of the EU.

'Their responsibility is to the whole of Scotland, not a single party objective.'

'Scotland will not be denied their say'

However, in his speech to the SNP Conference, their Westminster leader Angus Robertson said Scotland 'will not be denied their say.'

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