There has been a terrorist attack in London as dozens of people on Westminster Bridge near Parliament have been ploughed into with a 4x4 car. A police officer and a woman have been confirmed to be dead and the supposed attacker has been shot by armed police right on the doorsteps of the Houses of Parliament.

Commons Leader David Lidington made the announcement

David Lidington, the Leader of the House of Commons, explained to a room full of Members of Parliament that a "police officer has been stabbed" and that the injured suspect, whom Lidington identified as the "alleged assailant" who perpetrated this act of terror, has been "shot by armed police." He said that the incident, which took place actually within the confines of the official estate assigned to Parliament, was a "serious" one.

A short time after the incident (but still a good few minutes, which is actually quite a long time, considering it was a full-on terrorist attack on Parliament), an emergency services helicopter arrived to provide immediate medical assistance to any of the many people who were "catastrophically" injured during the proceedings.

Some new information has come to light since

Since the attack on Parliamentary estate soil, new information has been continually revealed. What we have at the moment is that the police officer who was stabbed during a confrontation with the attacker later died, and that had been officially confirmed following Lidington's announcement that the officer had been initially stabbed.

Multiple casualties were caused in addition to the two confirmed deaths of the women and the cop, after the 4x4 car (so 4x4, we're talking about a very big and very heavy car here). According to the Metropolitan police service, their investigation is being carried out under the preconception that this was a terrorist attack, after their initial evidence suggested that that's what it is.

Eyewitnesses have come forward with accounts of the stabbing of the police officer right at the gates of Parliament. One of them said that they "saw a police officer fall to the ground, clutching their arm," and that all of a sudden, they "heard shouting from outside Westminster Hall" on their right side, "quickly followed by at least two gunshots, maybe more."

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says that US President Donald Trump has been informed of the terrorist attack on Parliament and briefed on it, and no doubt his first question was: Which race was the attacker?

He'll be like a pig in sh*t right about now, since this gives him another chance to use fear as a tool to manipulate the American people, which works very well because of 9/11, which is probably why people think George W. Bush orchestrated it, although he's not really smart enough to do it, but the combined heads of his Republican administration are, so let's not rule it out entirely.

Theresa May was '40 yards away' from the attack

Prime Minister Theresa May, who's proven highly controversial because she only looks out for herself and her own personal interests in the running of our country, was a mere "40 yards away" from where the attack was happening and there was stabbing and gunfire and people getting mowed down by a giant car.

She's wasted no time in kicking off Brexit, planning to trigger Article 50 next week even though the country is horribly unprepared and we'll be totally out of the European Union officially by 29 March 2019, and today she was very almost shot dead or stabbed or ran over by a 4x4. Almost. Thankfully, she was very quickly evacuated and has been confirmed to be safe. Oh, thank goodness. A House of Commons session at Parliament has been suspended and MPs have been safely evacuated from the area.