Retired Gen. Michael flynn is out but yesterday the White House was in obvious turmoil with Kellyanne Conway saying President Trump fully supported Flynn and, only an hour later, Press Secretary Spicer said the exact opposite.

When was Trump told?

But the critical point here is two fold. One, when did Trump learn about this media firestorm over Flynn? Two, did Flynn, entirely on his own, make promises to Russia about the new administration dropping sanctions which President Obama just put on the rogue country for interfering with the US election on his own, or acting on behalf of the then President-Elect?

We now know that Sally Yates, the then acting head of the Department of Justice, told White House Counsel that Flynn had possibly criminal and definitely irregular contact with the russian ambassador Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak (since the Summer of 2008). You may recall that Yates was then fired, supposedly for another reason, but it sent a message about “killing the messenger.”

However, on Air Force One, standing beside The First Lady, president Trump seemed completely ignorant of the whole affair, denying he had heard about the Flynn problems and saying “I’ll look into it.” This took place as President Trump was on his way to the “Florida White House,” with the Japanese Prime Minister.

How could it be possible that President Trump who tweets responses to things said on CNN within seconds, did not know about the biggest story of the week?

Were his people, remembering Yates quick departure from the Department of Justice, afraid to tell President Trump that his closest national security advisor had lied to Vice President Pence, causing the VP to publicly back Flynn (before the Yates report to the White House) because Pence relied on Flynn’s word.

If it's true that Trump knew nothing of the problem, that raises serious questions about just what information is being hidden from President Trump.

Alternatively, is this just another of President Trump's constant stream of "alternate facts" (a.k.a. lies)? In a way, it would be much more reassuring if Trump had just lied about not knowing about the Flynn flap until told by a reporter on Air Force One.

Was Flynn acting on his own?

The other very serious question raised by this situation is whether Flynn on his own would assure the Russian Ambassador that President Trump would reverse the actions of President Obama, perhaps as a quid pro quo for helping put Trump in the White House?

Or, did Flynn act on directions from Trump or other members of the Trump team?

Since that conversation Russian President Putin has unleashed further aggressive military action by the Russian Army “volunteers” who, supposedly on their own, are using Russian military weapons, even heavy weapons, to expand their war against The Ukraine after already taking The Crimea by force from that independent country.

Another equally serious question which is being ignored by CNN is just how incompetent Flynn is? As the top security adviser to President Trump, how is it possible he didn't already know that all phone calls into and out of the Russian Embassy were being monitored and that there would be a transcript someplace.

Meanwhile NATO, according to a Reuters report, says since Flynn's phone diplomacy Russia is increasing its fake news propaganda war against The Ukraine.a NATO web site says, “Since Russia began its illegal military intervention in Ukraine, Russian officials have accused NATO of a series of mythical provocations, threats and hostile actions stretching back over 25 years.” The NATO web site posted a list of blatant propaganda lies run on RT (formerly Russian TV) and Sputnik web sites.