Prime Minister Theresa May has just had her Brexit bill passed by Parliament with none of the proposed changes whatsoever. This means EU citizens are going to be left with no rights in the UK, which was voted for by 335 MPs to 287, so it was incredibly close, with a majority of just 48 members. Peers accepted this decision by 274 to 135, so that’s not quite as close.

The second proposed amendment that got voted down was whether or not Parliament will get a “meaningful vote” on the decision on a final Brexit deal. That was voted down by almost the exact same MPs, with 331 votes to 286, with a majority of 45 in the House of Commons.

This was accepted by the Lords by 274 (the same number as the other one, remember? Talk about déjà vu) to 118.

Labour leader says no way to change Brexit bill

Labour leader Lady Smith told The Guardian that if she was under the impression that “there was a foot in the door or a glimmer of hope” that the Brexit bill could be amended, she “would fight it tooth and nail,” but warns disappointed spectators that this “doesn’t seem to be the case.” So, it seems May will get the Brexit she wants and EU citizens will remain unprotected.