David Davis, the Brexit secretary, spoke to some of his colleagues to discuss his thoughts about Theresa May’s bill getting passed and how the triggering of article 50 and the beginning of the formal Brexit process is alarmingly imminent. He said that during the debate last night, MPs made their cases with “passion, sincerity and conviction.”

Davis is happy with the ‘straightforward’ bill

Davis is happy for the Brexit legislation to be “straightforward.” He wanted it to be easy and clear so that no one would be able to find any loopholes anywhere and could start the formal Brexit process the way they want to.

This way, it’s not complicated and no one can kick off anywhere down the line and say that May is not honouring the legislation, because it’s painstakingly simplistic legislation.

Fortunately, Davis is also accepting the “moral responsibility” for the issue of EU citizens’ UK rights (and the rights of British citizens living elsewhere in Europe). It’s a refreshing change for a politician to accept responsibility for something, because they very rarely like to do that because it usually comes back to bite them. That’s why White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer always says things that “might” be the case or what he “thinks” is happening, so he doesn’t say anything that can later be used against him. But thankfully, Davis isn’t like that. We can blame him for stuff.