President Donald Trump recently gave a gleeful interview with Jesse Watters on his “Watters’ World” show on Fox News Channel. During the interview, Trump, as usual, made a big, grand promise, this time for “the biggest tax cuts since Reagan.” The thing is, whenever he talks about taxes, he just keeps saying he’ll make cuts without taking the economy into consideration or telling anyone exactly what he’ll be cutting in order to make the room for tax cuts.

Trump also hurled insults at various media outlets and liberal celebrities and Democratic Party figures, and branded everyone who works at MSNBC as “bad people.” He also lied about his tax returns and went back on some things he’s previously said.

So, it was a pretty typical Fox News interview.

Interview was taped before Trump’s Nashville rally

The “Watters’ World” interview was a pre-taped show rather than live, and was filmed just before Trump’s rally in Nashville, Tennessee. The subject of tax returns came up very quickly following Rachel Maddow’s self-proclaimed “drop of water in a desert” exposé piece.

Trump said that according to his personal morals, he considers tax returns to be “a sacred kind of thing,” and said that Maddow and the others at MSNBC who helped her to expose part of his 2005 tax returns in a Pentagon Papers-type situation are “bad people,” and said that something is inherently “wrong with them” as people. Trump assured viewers that his tax returns are “good,” and Watters did not ask him to provide any evidence.

Trump also added that he and Rand Paul, the senator and Presidential hopeful (whose hopes were very quickly dashed) that he insulted during one of the Republican candidates’ debates and got big laughs for it, are now buddies. Trump said, “I like him. He’s become a friend of mine.

It’s hard to believe I ridiculed him.”

Trump said he would fire Alec Baldwin over Jeff Zucker

Waters asked Trump who he would fire if he could, between alec baldwin, Chuck Schumer, and Jeff Zucker, and surprisingly (and the highlight of the interview), Trump chose Baldwin. He said that “the Alec Baldwin situation is not good.” Luckily for the President, Baldwin has said that he won’t be mocking him for very much longer as it’s growing tired and the joke is wearing off and the reality is setting in.

On the topic of some others that Watters asked him about, Trump said that while Barack Obama is “very nice to (him) personally,” the people from his administration “haven’t been nice.” He said Kellyanne Conway is a “very nice woman,” he’s “disappointed” in Hillary Clinton, vladimir putin is “a tough cookie” (and he still insists he doesn’t know the Russian leader), Elizabeth Warren is all about “craziness and anger” and “Pocahontas would not be proud of her,” and Bill O’Reilly is “a talented guy.”

As for Watters himself, Trump should’ve been looking for polyps while he was up there. The President said that Watters has a “tremendous future” ahead of him, and “tremendous potential.” He said he’s “been so nice” that it led Trump to reject interviews from “the biggest shows on television” and instead come to “Watters’ World.” When Watters asked him about the infamous wall, Trump said, “Some great designs coming in.”