Thousands of Mexicans have turned out across the country to protest the controversial US President Donald Trump, who has pretty harshly generalised their entire people as “rapists,” which he has an affinity for after assuming the Central Park Five to be guilty and demanding they be executed (the scary part being that now that he’s President, if it happened today, that demand would probably be met), and, of course, he wants to build a wall along the southern border between the US and Mexico.

‘No racismo, no odio, no Trump’

One of the protestors’ picket signs read, “No racismo, no odio, no Trump,” which translates from Spanish to English as, “No racism, no hate, no Trump.” The Mexicans are also protesting their own leader, President Nieto, who they believe is a weak leader.

Nieto is the one Trump expects to reimburse him for the wall, which he is currently paying for with US Government money. Nieto has said many times that the Mexican government will definitely not be paying for the wall, but apparently his people don’t think he’s doing enough.