Told by advisors that there was a serious security matter, president Trump, apparently unwilling to inconvenience the waiters and guests, chose to discuss the North Korea missile launch at the dinner table. With cell phones, possibly top secret documents, the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzō Abe, The Prime Minister's wife Akie Abe, First Lady Melania Trump, and assorted waiters, guests, and hangers-on in attendance, President Trump was on his cell phone and apparently discussing the North Korean solid fuel rocket launch while sitting at the dinner table.

If that wasn't what he was talking about, why was he on a cell call during a crisis.

Security breach?

The White House explanation to the White House Press Corps was that there was nothing secret or confidential under discussion at the dinner table when the President appeared to be discussing the North Korea situation. The White House says that was dealt with in a private conversation between President Trump and Japan's PM Abe earlier in a secure location, but that doesn't explain why it looked very much as if aids were bring him the initial information at the table and suggesting they brief him in private. Of course that might have been a mistaken conclusion. A spokesperson told reporters that the things being discussed at the dinner were only plans for the joint press conference with Prime Minister Abe.

If people had any confidence that either the President or his spokespeople always or even almost always dealt with the press in a truthful manner then that would probably be the end of the discussion. But we already know that the White House staff, officials, and even President Trump repeatedly tell whoppers (alternate facts, untruths) at the drop of a tweet, so how can anyone rely on their assurance that nothing secret was being shown and talked about with waiters and dinner party guests present?

This is just another of multiple security problems for the Trump Administration. One, the ousting of former National Security Advisor, who was thought to be subject to Russian blackmail as well as having lied about his contacts with the Russian Ambassador, has been cleared up with Flynn’s resignation last night.

And it is also a breach of polite dinner standards to bring a controversial item into dinner table discussions.

But another serious security breach involves President Trump’s constant use of a cell phone - is it secure? Could it possibly be secure? Has it been replaced with a cell phone which is secure to federal standards?

We are told it is, but President Trump is now coming up against the downside of saying the first thing that comes into his mind and then repeatedly telling obvious untruths. The fable of the boy who cried wolf, comes to mind.

There are also concerns over possible Trump business dealings with Russia. He says there aren't any, but again, he doesn't have a comfortable relationship with the truth and he as gone back on his earlier promise to release his tax returns after the audit. that was a spurious argument since the IRS already had his tax return so disclosing it wouldn't effect any possible audit, but two weeks ago spokesperson the Kellyanne Conway of Bowling Green and Alternate Facts told reporters that Trump would never release his tax returns.