As experts believe, the representatives of the security services and the media, which have a negative attitude to the new head of state can intentionally manipulate the authorities and public opinion. Now, a group of Republican senators together with 30 specialists in Psychiatry declared that Donald Trump is unhealthy, too emotional, denying everything the American media have written, and generally behaving like a person with a serious mental illness.

"President of the United States is ill: he is too emotional, deny the objectivity of the American press and does not accept other points of view"- Republican Senator Al Franken said in an interview with CNN.

The politician assured the host he is not alone in his assessment - some Republicans in the Senate also believe that Donald Trump is not completely healthy.

The speeches and actions

More than 30 American scientists supported Franken - specialists in psychology and psychiatry. They signed a joint letter to the The New York Times, which expressed their doubts about the ability of Donald Trump to run the state.

"Mr. Trump’s speech and actions demonstrate an inability to tolerate views different from his own, leading to rage reactions. His words and behavior suggest an inability to empathize. Individuals with these traits distort reality to suit their psychological state, attacking facts and those who convey them (journalists, scientists)."

The appeal is that Trump has a “narcissistic personality disorder" - severe emotional imbalance, detected in the speech and actions of Mr.

Trump, deprives him of the ability to safely perform the duties of the president."

Direct frontal attack

The US president, apparently, won't "stop this provocation". Thus, it means that the anti-Trump campaign will continue to evolve. The US society is trying to create a situation in which he will have to justify himself constantly and to prove his "normality."

"In this sense, it is an unprecedented situation.

Direct frontal attack. None of the American president in recent history, including Nixon, was not suspended because of mental incapacity to perform their duties, "- experts stated.

"We will observe more such letters. Trump, of course, is supposed to be ready, because he really went against all the bureaucratic apparatus of Washington, against the leading US media, and in some matters, against the Congress ", - experts concluded.


Trump, of course, is an experienced wrestler, but recently he gives reasons for the attack on himself. And in his the last decision he fired his adviser Michael Flynn. This scandal has inspired opponents of the president: they felt more willingness to attack.

The purpose of this pressure on the president's power is not a need for any real evidence of mental disorders but a public humiliation, paralysis of Trump's presidency. The truth is the line between narcissism and mental illness isn’t always clear - even for the experts.