Since Trump’s inauguration there have been an astounding number of leaks, more than I can remember from any political party, administration, or government. Eli Lake, who rights for The Bloomberg View, stated that “the NSA and FBI should not interfere with politics”, for most matters he would be right in saying this, however, the omnishambles America finds itself amongst suggests otherwise.

With leaks spouting from all angles of Trump’s administration, the worry is that he cannot control his staff and that he lacks the ability to run a presidential administration.

Support of Flynn from Bloomberg’s Eli Lake

Lake attempts to defend Flynn by saying that he was ‘thrown under the bus’, and ‘it’s not even clear that Flynn lied’. Whilst Kellyanne Conway claimed to NBCs Today Show that the key issue was misleading the Vice-President, forgetting that surely the key issue was talking to Russian officials and not detailing why. Trump praised Lake on Twitter for saying that the security agencies shouldn’t be interfering with politics, but they both either wilfully miss the issue or choose to ignore it.

If the likes of Lake want to place the blame elsewhere it could cause serious security issues for the US and especially if the public begins to believe them. Fascism is a modern phenomenon and Donald Trump is exhibiting several behaviours that could see the rise of a new fascism in the US.