Gianni Pittella, the leader of the socialist group in European parliament, has lambasted Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's decision to implement a three-line whip to support the triggering of article 50. Pittella lamented Corbyn's stance on Europe, stating that he wished Corbyn was 'more European'.

Pittella: Corbyn should have fought harder for amendments

Pittella, who leads the second largest group in European parliament, will meet with Jeremy Corbyn next week in London. Pittella stated that he would have fought harder for amendments to be added to the Brexit bill.

Just over one-fifth of Labour MPs voted against granting Prime Minister Theresa May the power to start the formal exit process-in turn, they defied Corbyn's three-line whip.

Corbyn was mocked after supporting the bill when he tweeted: 'The real fight starts here'. Pittella stated that he understood Corbyn's perilous position but suggested that Corbyn has not done enough to ensure Britain gets the best deal. Pittella said: 'I hoped that Corbyn had a better plan. I do understand the position that Corbyn has been put in'.

Pittella continued, stating: “We plan to forge a progressive alliance with the greens, with the NGOs, trade unions, social enterprises. We are very interested in collaborating with Corbyn on these issues.

The United Kingdom remains an important country in Europe even if it is not in the European Union. We need to work together to ensure that we secure the best deal for the people of Europe'.

Labour resigned to attempting to force the government to make concessions

When asked about Labour's recent abject polling ratings-YouGov found Ukip and the Conservative Party above Labour in low-income families for the first time in history-Pittella replied that 'he hoped that things can turn around because Corbyn is a visionary leader that can deliver a great future for the United Kingdom'.

Sir Kier Starmer, the shadow secretary of state for exiting the European Union, said: 'Labour will not look to frustrate the exit process. We will look to force the government to making concessions in order to avoid a Tory hard Brexit'.