After allegations of treason by Democrats and senior Republican’s calling for an independent investigation in Michael Flynn’s association with Russia, you would assume the President will lay low. However, it true Trump fashion he prefers to tweet the blame elsewhere and this is becoming a serious cause for concern that he would dismiss possible acts of treason from his own campaign team.

Michael Flynn resigned due to pressure mounting over contact with a Russian intelligence operative, plus, further allegations that several campaign staff and associates contacted Russian officials.

Donald Trump lashes out

Donald Trump has been expressing his views on Twitter on the whole matter, after previously ignoring the whole Flynn resignation and tweeting that Obamacare (ACA) is ‘failing’.

Trump finally responds but in a very dangerous manner because as usual he lashes out at the media, stating that CNN and MSNBC are reporting ‘fake news’ and conspiracy theories. He then proceeds to blame Hillary Clinton’s campaign, calling it a cover-up over mistakes made during her campaign.

The dangers of these tweets are that there will be many supporters who will believe his claims of ‘fake news.

He even stops to blame Obama for Russia’s actions in Crimea, claiming he was ‘too soft’ seemingly forgetting that his own campaign team have been accused of frequently contacting Russian officials. This deflection of blame is concerning because he repeatedly finds accuses that could cause security issues that affect the world, not just America.