Since the 20th January Donald Trump has overshadowed the news. We have heard about his signing of anti-abortion legislation and the sacking of his legal experts over disagreements to the travel ban of those from Muslim nations.

Trump has been invited on a state visit to the UK hosted by the Queen. Most presidents have been in office over a year before the invitation for a state visit has been made. This is clearly because of the British government's belief that it is necessary to keep a special relationship between American and the UK due to Brexit.

The Speaker last week made a statement that Donald Trump should not be allowed to speak in front of the commons on his state visit. Although many MPs agreed some believed that this remark was higher than the speaker's wage bracket, there have also been many protests across the Uk including an online petition which has been one of the largest online petitions ever presented to parliament.

Immigration policy

So far the world is shocked by Donald Trump’s immigration policy. One of Trump's campaign promises was to build a wall between the Mexican and American border with Mexico paying. This is due to Trump's belief that there are too many illegal immigrants in America, most of whom have come from Mexico.

Not long after stepping into office Trump imposed a travel ban on 7 Muslim countries, including people who had already received visas and those already flying to America. The courts have now lifted this ban stating it breaks many rights and is illegal. There have also been announcements for new vetting measures on holding suspected terrorist.

One other shocking act is the 120-day suspension of the US refugee administration programme. It has now been announced that America will take in Christian refugees from the Middle East. Although this is better than nothing, it is creating a further divide and the belief that it is only Christians suffering and not other Islamic followers or those of any other religion.

Trump style

Judgments can be made on Trump's style of government, which is similar to his campaign. It is aggressive, reactive and improvisatory. It appears that Trump does not like being restricted by advisors as well as the house and senate. Positions for advisors are still waiting to be filled and Trump has already fired some of the officials appointed by the Obama administration. It should be noted that tTump did not run his revised torture policy past defence appointment appointees, although he did get advice on the effectiveness of torture techniques.

The way in which Trump appears to run his government does seem similar to Ronald Regan. Trump wants to rekindle the relationship between Britain and America just as Thatcher and Regan did.

Some have noted that Trump seems to be following in the path of Obama with a distance from congress. One other style that can be noted is one similar to Nixon who had an obsession with leaks. Trump has stated many times the media is out to get him showing a very paranoid style of leadership. These three styles could, however, role into one unique style which Trump does appear to be adopting.

Shock and controversy

Overall Trump's first few weeks as president has caused much shock and controversy. It has caused many predictions as to what the rest of his term can follow. However, it is too soon to be able to accurately predict this. The first 100 hundred days of a presidency is traditionally when most legislation is created. Therefore it is no surprise Trump has been so active. Despite this, he has still been unclear in what his policies will produce and follow.