It is not news anymore that Trump plays the word game, arguably, on a pretty appalling scale. When the president of the USA does not want to answer a question, he simply will not. He will fill in the space with words strung together on a completely different topic altogether. In a recent press conference held in Washington by Benjamin Netanyahu, the PM of Israel and Donald Trump, the president was asked about the rise of anti-Semitism in America. The reporter asked about the 'sharp rise' of anti-Semitic incidents in the US after Trumps win? This deemed to be an un-answerable topic for president Trump, therefore he resolved to boast about his win of the Presidency through the Electoral College and completely disregarded an important question.

Trump's reply was “We are very honoured by the victory that we had...Three-hundred and six electoral college votes. We were not supposed to crack 220." In his reply, after discussing his win, he vaguely added that his daughter was married to a man of the Jewish faith. For a detailed article on the topic, click here.

Is there a rise in anti-Semitism in America?

This topic has made headlines in the last few days and the key role was given to Felix Kjellberg, the youtube star also known as PewDiePie. Felix was accused of creating a series anti-Semtic videos and releasing them for his huge audience, therefore normalising anti-Semitic behaviour. Although it seems that Felix has paid the price for his supposedly anti-Semitic actions which you can read about here.

It seems that the world will not tolerate this kind of action, so why has President Trump wiggled his way out of the questions asked?

JPost has reported that in a report carried out by Diaspora Affairs Ministry, there has been a definite rise in anti-Semitic incidents. This was especially because of the recent US election where the election campaign acted as a catalyst for this hateful behaviour. Therefore, directly or indirectly, it seems that Trump may be responsible for this peak in the hateful acts. Which could be why Mr. President decided to avoid answering the question.