Turkey gave ISIS a taste of their own medicine as they stormed 100 ISIS targets in Syria with tanks and fighter jets in the hours following the terrorist attack on an Istanbul nightclub that left 39 New Year’s Eve celebrators shot dead. It was like something from “The Expendables.” The ISIS gunman injured 69 more people in the attack, and that made Turkey mad.

It was a Turkey/Russia joint effort

Turkey teamed up with Russia following the shooting to launch the bombing raids on ISIS bases in Northern Syria. 22 ISIS terrorists were killed in the raids and many of the terror group’s buildings were left in ruins.

Action movie-like aerial footage of the strikes that go great with Richard Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” show the jet blowing the living hell out of ISIS bases in al-Bab, Tadif and Bzagah. This may throw fuel on the ISIS fire and make them even extremer, but it sure does feel good to get one back at them.

Turkish law enforcement agencies are still looking for the nightclub shooter, who took a taxi to the club and then opened fire, but they have a lot of manpower and determination going into the search.

‘Euphrates Shield’

The Turkish Military have given this ISIS-targeting operation the “Geronimo” or “Yewtree”-style codename “Euphrates Shield.” “Euphrates Shield” was set in motion over four months ago in an attempt to keep ISIS extremists away from the Turkish borders (yeah, that worked), and had recently been changed to a series of sieges in the ISIS-ridden town of al-Bab in Syria (probably the reason they wanted to massacre dozens of people in Turkey) and now it’s being retooled again as an all-out war against the terror group.

Third time’s the charm.

The Turkish media, which is controlled by the government (not unofficially like in America, Turkey controls their country’s media officially), released the story that Turkish and Russian forces have teamed up to hit over 100 ISIS bases in Syria in just one day after the nightclub shooting. It also mentioned that the Russian military have moved in on ISIS hideouts in Dayr Kak.

The manhunt continues

The manhunt for the gunman who brought “a hail of bullets” down on Turkish New Year’s Eve partygoers is still ongoing, as he has yet to be caught and is still on the lam. Turkey’s Interior Ministry claim that they have detained 147 people under suspicion of connections to ISIS. The Ministry claims it is certain that these people are “in contact with the Daesh terrorist organisation.” 25 of the 147 have been formally arrested.

Aamaq News, who are associated with ISIS, say that the Turkey nightclub gunman is a “heroic soldier of the caliphate who attacked the most famous nightclub where Christians were celebrating their pagan feast.” They describe the motivation behind the attack as “revenge for God’s religion” as ordered by ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Turkey, according to ISIS, is “the servant of the cross.”