Warning: SPOILERS ahead. Major ones. Still here? So, “The Walking Dead” is off the airwaves for another few months. It comes and goes so quickly and leaves such a lasting impact. No one’s over the harrowing season premiere, which some FCC complainers have compared to ISIS, but the midseason finale has left things on a more (uncharacteristically, not to mention much needed) hopeful note. Things are looking up.

Rick will rally up all the groups to take on Negan

After a few episodes of a “this is the way things are now” kind of mentality, Rick is finally growing some balls and preparing to tackle Negan.

But he’s seen that Daryl, Carl, Rosita, and everyone else’s solo attempts have failed fantastically, so he’s realised that he can’t do it alone or even with his own group behind him because there’s too many guys out there who say “I am Negan” and not enough who say “I am Rick.” But there are enough people who say “I’m sick of Negan and his sh*t, he’s got to go,” so Rick’s going to reach out to all those people, like the Hilltop and Ezekiel and his Kingdom (that’s the tiger guy who we saw once on “The Walking Dead” a few weeks ago and left a lasting impression, a much more positive one than the one Negan left), and get their support and eventually there’ll be enough of them to at least have a fighting chance against Negan.

It will be a lot different

Showrunner Scott Gimple has always been very careful about giving out spoilers, but he sure loves being vague. He told Comic Book that the back end of the seventh season of “The Walking Dead” will be “very different” from what viewers are used to. What does that mean, Scott? According to rumours, it means less of a focus on Negan, the new antagonist that the first half of the season relied heavily on.

If this is true, it’s probably an attempt to lure back the millions of viewers they lost after Glenn’s eye popped out.

Daryl might die

Don’t worry, this is just speculation. He doesn’t die in the comics because he’s not in the comics. Daryl was created just for the TV show because Norman Reedus was good enough to earn his own character while auditioning for Merle, and good enough to then become the most popular character.

Unfortunately, the “Walking Dead” writers might kill him off.

He’s not popular enough to be unkillable anymore since a lot of people blame him for Glenn’s death. And Negan will be severely p*ssed that he managed to escape the Saviours’ compound. Based on some of the events of the “Walking Dead” comics that the show is based on, Negan might kill Daryl and let him turn, then unleash walker Daryl on the people at Alexandria (he did that with Holly in the comics but Holly isn’t in the show anymore). Or, an alternative theory: whoever slipped that Polaroid into Daryl’s cell filled him with guilt about Glenn’s death, so maybe he’ll sacrifice himself in order to avenge him, winning back the fans and dying dramatically all at once.

Either way, we’ll see what happens when “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC in America on 12 February, and FOX in the UK on 13 February.